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Chapter Zero (digital LP)

by Jordan Reyne

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Nickie Harte Kelly
Nickie Harte Kelly thumbnail
Nickie Harte Kelly New Zealand dark folk artist brings us this haunting collection of songs and never pulls punches when it comes to her anger and sadness. The nine songs here are pointed and are an examination of, in her words, “exploring the turning inward when our worlds are blown apart.” It is an unflinching look, disturbing at times, but in a very good way. Favorite track: How This Will End (Zemsta).
mikeydred thumbnail
mikeydred Jordan Reyne is something otherwordly while being a fun person I have only met once , her music is spellbinding , really !!
nalex thumbnail
nalex The haunted power and precision combine into a rich harmony that resonates. Favorite track: Beyond the Wall.
stevecrow316 thumbnail
stevecrow316 *Great* album Jordan. Thank you! Favorite track: Borderlands.
The Weavers 04:51
The Weavers You bid us come You, without thread or needle. You, who won't heed our price. If this be done, Your patchwork of Shadows, Deamons, They'll roll our earth like dice. Hear the waves roar, faster, Oh sisters, hold, our thread must last her. Away low, turning, The birth of her is mountains burning. So gaze on your master - His face, his word, your everafter, Fly!! Are you aware you've lost her? Your casual power, its own disaster. The fields are burning. The cloth is set. Your weave and weft, Your fire. .... Hear us. Your creator is no god For any mortal can give birth to what they please And conjur a gratitude unwarranted by deeds That you would gladly act out what they themselves cannot achieve But you have a choice Live as his ego's weapon or become who you were born to be and Fly
No Tell me those trails across the sky Don't simply turn upon themselves Don't only circle hollow bones and shells And seal the knot in time No Tell me the rumours of your capture Are just ever-lolling tongues The dead repeating failed hopes and tones That you got out alive No Tell me you didn't just believe it When they told you you were monstrous That the looping off of wings would bring you solace Tell me you got out alive
Beyond the Wall Her hands were bloodied when I found her, So mad and shattered, by the wall And through the crack that she had chiselled The silhouettes, of hundreds more. Oh buried deep inside stone circles she says she heard a childs call a song of lostness and of longing though he himself had built them all. And in the failing light I could only join her with all the strength and twilight that age might bring But for each brick we dug free, and tore asunder we heard still more being piled high, closing from within. It could have been the stagnant air, there that crushing space that altered tone For now no child's voice came Just the cold echo of stone. But she was crazed by her sorrow begged mortar “let him sing!” And when the walls themselves sighed She still heard him I could not tell her of his death Such dread truths slowly dawn And when my words couldn't find breath That fortress sang alone. And she dug on, in her madness Wild haired and broken boned Til she was torn from herself to the empty song of stones. When I buried her, a wreck from cruel shores That same baneful rock held her beneath the earth. Oh to unbuild our defences, and give our life it's breath Lest the children we murder, murder In the echoes of their death.
Into the Deep The grinding days sway empires stones, quiet, piled on graves As bricks and mortar dry the walls close ranks to sky. Under. The only way. Each of his repetitions His-story’s killing fields we fear our own life-breath death bids us meet our shadows yet (Chorus) we try and run 100 miles Dear sisters, hades beckons while those who chew on flowers starve dry Our ruined earth and womb go down down to windless tombs or try and run 100 miles. Dance with your deamons, sisters. Brothers take your fleshless bones is arm stare in those fearsome eyes to where our own reflections hide or try and run 100 miles. When we return, in ashes wear those cinders, black, burned, born look on those walls, those guards, those harrowed soldiers, weapons jarred Will try to run 100 miles.
Mother Tongue You had that air of someone born to keeping secrets Born to burying what's never to be told Your mother, oh that tempest to your shipwreck Your sister like a lighthouse on the shore You were that man I never met, there, in the stairwell Not a man, for lack of being there at all Your empty eyes a tunnel to that darkness That in hiding, you revealed ever more The footprints of the vigilant betray them As the silences between the notes are sung That dissonance between deed and it's language When you kiss and lie with your own mother's tongue Mother: Synku, tu Mama. Wiem ze nie jestes sam Ale tak sie tesknilam Prozse, odbierz
You made a mess of her face Didn't you, god She wears a warning In invitations way And when she sings for home The very one you drove her from All roads towards it bend and stray But you knew that all along, didn't you. You gave her trembling hands Didn't you god. Where love and water Run right through And when her thirst burns sheer, true And despair brings her near you The very ground still falls away But you knew that all along, didn't you. But she found fire and rage Didn't she god That she would burn through Bleed through Be And when your lightning tore ground She screamed back, she disavowed you No longer cowering in your sway But you knew that all along, didn't you. You used her hope for love, then Didn't you god That man whose murders went unseen And with his cold grip on her heart "For the love of God", she cried out She ripped his tongue clean from his throat Futures collapsed, were given birth And when you smiled, she never knew, and couldn't see. But you knew that all along, didn't you, God. You knew that all long.
Just press play On the main stage, yet again The last horseman show And his numbers game How long is this going to play It's a dud gig, but it pays The Hypno turn on Of his car crash gaze How long till we look away? It's a grims tale, what a scene For this safety dance Where feet only bleed How long can they make this pay? It's not about safe It's not about trust Just cover your ass, your face Berate those who won't They want a devide They get it each time They press play The last act is The Wave Where we turn on ourselves In death, we will save How long til we walk away?
They were a good 2 million but your press, your television has some sad sad story for me. Look round, the water rising Make the place an arc, keep sailing, let the nagging lag, crawl, drag here is the key: boom All heart, you go on camera to just not say much but turn it up turn it up turn it off, turn it off. So no man is an island but an island man divides and conquers look around so frightened isolation heightens, makes you listen so they turn it up, turn it up turn it off turn it off Oh you're under British supervision where a lack of nouse meets class derision where when the people talk, turn it off we've enough of what we know they need to want Old fart, another camera Tromp de L'Or Turn it up turn it up turn it up turn it off turn it off turn if off turn it off turn it off turn if off
Borderlands 03:51
Borderlands In the Borderlands we've barricaded bridges. We've armed young boys with guns and hollow eyes. Thier undernourished arms ache from the weapons Whose casualties are only thier own lives. I'm writing this, my love, because I miss you. The ache that takes the shape of you won't fade. I'd swim the rivers for your touch, one kiss But your face, your eyes, they hold that same dead gaze. The cliché goes, oh arm a man for fishing That he may eat in synch with all the tides. We arm our sons and daughters, young and willing with all the weight of our own broken lives. In the Borderlands we mourn our own division. We mourn our separation from ourselves. But it wasn't ever guns or plagues that robbed us Of how to open hearts or heal worlds.


Cloaked in the language of folklore, Chapter Zero explores the turning inward that happens when our worlds, as we knew them, are blown apart.

Please note, this will be a FULL LENGTH album. There are only 3 tracks here at the moment so that I can open the preorder, but there will be 9 delivered to you when the preorder is released.
NOTE: This will NOT be available on i-tunes, spotify, or any other site apart from bandcamp. This is because the aforementioned sites disembowel musicians for the sake of company profit. Bandcamp are the ONLY platform that ensure musicians themselves get a fair share of the money you pay. I'm old enough and ugly enough (as we say in New Zealand) to make such decisions, and I hope that more artists will foloow suit. Thank YOU guys for supporting us through bandcamp as that makes it possible for us to produce more music!


released August 4, 2022

Artwork by Jordan Reyne
Vocals, guitar, bass, drums and synths performed by Jordan Reyne
Mixing and mastering by Jordan Reyne
All songs and lyrics composed and copyright Jordan Reyne 2021

In loving memory of those who died behind walls.

DISCLAIMER: The stories, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.


all rights reserved



Jordan Reyne Karlsruhe, Germany

Known recently as the Resident Evil 7 vocalist (trailer track, "Go Tell Aunt Rhody"), Jordan is described by New Zealand's National Radio as the pioneer of a new sound, Jordan's music is a blend of irish/ celtic rock, steam-era machine noise, and Grimms fairytale-eske lyrics. Imagine PJ Harvey trapped in the workhouses of Industrial Revolution era England, with only Nine Inch Nails for company. ... more

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