Chapter Zero (in development)

by Jordan Reyne

The Weavers You bid us come You, without thread or needle. You, who won't heed our price. If this be done, Your patchwork of Shadows, Deamons, They'll roll our earth like dice. Hear the waves roar, faster, Oh sisters, hold, our thread must last her. Away low, turning, The birth of her is mountains burning. So gaze on your master - His face, his word, your everafter, Fly!! Are you aware you've lost her? Your casual power, its own disaster. The fields are burning. The cloth is set. Your weave and weft, Your fire. .... Hear us. Your creator is no god For any mortal can give birth to what they please And conjur a gratitude unwarranted by deeds That you would gladly act out what they themselves cannot achieve But you have a choice Live as his ego's weapon or become who you were born to be and Fly
Borderlands In the Borderlands we've barricaded bridges. We've armed young boys with guns and hollow eyes. Thier undernourished arms ache from the weapons Whose casualties are only thier own lives. I'm writing this, my love, because I miss you. The ache that takes the shape of you won't fade. I'd swim the rivers for your touch, one kiss.. But your face, your eyes, they hold that same dead gaze. The cliché goes, oh arm a man for fishing That he may eat in synch with all the tides. We arm our sons and daughters, young and willing with all the weight of our own broken lives. In the Borderlands we mourn our own division. We mourn our separation from ourselves. But it wasn't ever guns or plagues that robbed us Of how to open hearts or heal worlds.


releases March 1, 2021


all rights reserved



Jordan Reyne UK

Known recently as the Resident Evil 7 vocalist (trailer track, "Go Tell Aunt Rhody"), Jordan is described by New Zealand's National Radio as the pioneer of a new sound, Jordan's music is a blend of irish/ celtic rock, steam-era machine noise, and Grimms fairytale-eske lyrics. Imagine PJ Harvey trapped in the workhouses of Industrial Revolution era England, with only Nine Inch Nails for company. ... more

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