BONUS TRACK - Piss Off, I'm Drinking

from by Jordan Reyne



unreleased track exclusive to listeners ordering via bandcamp.


In a world where there are just too few real complications,
you walked into the bar and took that seat you've always taken.
You said "Hey, hon. You here alone?"

Did you ask if I had just come down in the last shower of something
'cause no one falls for such unimaginative introductions.
They're just wrong. So very wrong.

But if I play all this so disaffected, will you love me?
If I look too cool to care, will you still wanna hit on me?
'Cause I'm alone.
So fucking alone.

If you can't at least look half-convincing, then consider me gone.
I've got cats to feed and a seriously overdue tax-return.
So move along - or buy me a drink, no I don't care which one because

Maybe I am just as disaffected as I seem and I'm
just too pissed to give a fuck about your job, your hopes, your dreams.
Do you wanna fuck, or do you wanna piss around for six more hours?
If I know my luck you've no idea about the protocols
that say - be gone, before I wake up. OK?

In a world where there are just too few real complications, you
walked into my world and you didn't make the slightest bit of difference.
No difference at all. No difference at all.


from Jordan Reyne - Best Of (LP), released January 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Jordan Reyne UK

Known recently as the Resident Evil 7 vocalist (trailer track, "Go Tell Aunt Rhody"), Jordan is described by New Zealand's National Radio as the pioneer of a new sound, Jordan's music is a blend of irish/ celtic rock, steam-era machine noise, and Grimms fairytale-eske lyrics. Imagine PJ Harvey trapped in the workhouses of Industrial Revolution era England, with only Nine Inch Nails for company. ... more

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