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Jordan Reyne - Best Of (LP)

by Jordan Reyne

The Ferryman 04:30
The Ferryman (c) & (p) Jordan Reyne 2014 You ride again, and you still won't pay cos the middle and back isn't going the whole way your island, oh has a siren you say. But this song is your own, and you use it to shift blame. Her on the shore - "mother" is no name and the lake lady's lure, an anonymous fame and we glide overtop, and you wont dive in oh that dark would hide us all from sin. All you can eat - you're a man of your time. Consumption as virtue - oh it used to be mine. And choices are taken, even when they're not made and full cross or not, I'll always get paid. This is your last trip - yeah the boat stops here. And with two half lives, you're not a whole of a man so Ill ask you for one name but you close your eyes and sigh, sigh, sigh. Pitiful man - here is my price you can row back and forth between duty and vice but you'll never set foot upon island or shore cos those with no ties never needed the earth.
Birth Ritual 03:13
Insiders - they told me "Bow your head and do this slowly" Their hands pulled words from stories thrown to halves by flame and heresay. The shaking rhythm, carving silhouettes: allowed or wanting. Counter-tones from the other side where the other half of tales are tried I saw their eyes, those frightened boys as ritual rose above our voices. I've done for you, I've done for you. Our dancing is required and feet will bleed when bones are tired, our two circles, pink and blue will move in opposites and rules, and oh their voices, should we stray from paths as smooth and cold as clay say: I've done for you, I've done for you. I've done for you, I've done for you.
It was a long slow walk through shadows in halls wooden shelves pushing up to a ceiling overworn Oh you learned what is said and you knew how to leave your doors breathing open; pull the loneliness out of me and be a gentleman be a gentleman, for me. And the brushing of hands that move over faces facades over eyes that flash precious airs and graces the flicker of tongues over stories worn old as the rising of lust opens out to the cold be a gentleman please be a gentleman for me. Sing for me - tales taller than God hold me down by the throat; taste the blood on our tongues I will land on the bones and the hair and the flesh of the ones from before me: the ones for whose deaths you can be a gentleman be a gentleman, for me I will flinch at your sting, but I want to feel the pain that will blot out the titles of books where you learned how your mimicry fools; makes us hunter and game fills the void of our bottomless needing in vain oh be a gentleman be a gentleman for me.
This song is in a made up language
Karlsruhe 04:36
This is the line that I'm gonna take this is the law - there's no give and take anymore we are the world we make we are what we allow Rule one: don't beleive in them cos rule two: they don't beleive in you rule three: trust is everything: dont give out easily, don't let it in just do what you're told you'll do what you're told this is the wish I pretend to use this is the ruse of my faith in you letting in the sun, I'm letting two of us be two of one and you'll do what you're told you'll do what you're told Step one: use important words step two: pretend that what you heard is three: deep and meaningful and four: lust, love, are political you'll do what you're told you'll do what you're told cos we know what's good for you we know every sad little thing about you everything the shameful, the untrue we have you, we have you and you'll do what you're told you'll do what you're told
Hold Release Hold Release You'll know the day – the way light plays the flight of fire, a phoenix and Release. the sky will fall, no one'll see but Release you'll feel the bite of it's teeth, and Hold. Away, oh haul away. The hours will grind the life from me. Give me the strength to breathe; to ride the minutes into years. Hold. Oh fairytales the taste of them hold the guards will find you find you and release Oh fantasy hold my heart and please release me from the throbbing of steal and the heat. Away, oh haul away. The hours will grind the life from me. Give me the strength to breathe; to ride the minutes into years. Oh mercy love, You've time enough. Hope is my own to hold on through the sweat and the tears. Hope is my own to hold. A waiting stone, release. Dropped down into darkness, darkness and release and release and release.
The Brave 04:34
In a world where there are just too few real complications, you walked into the bar and took that seat you've always taken. You said "Hey, hon. You here alone?" Did you ask if I had just come down in the last shower of something 'cause no one falls for such unimaginative introductions. They're just wrong. So very wrong. But if I play all this so disaffected, will you love me? If I look too cool to care, will you still wanna hit on me? 'Cause I'm alone. So fucking alone. If you can't at least look half-convincing, then consider me gone. I've got cats to feed and a seriously overdue tax-return. So move along - or buy me a drink, no I don't care which one because Maybe I am just as disaffected as I seem and I'm just too pissed to give a fuck about your job, your hopes, your dreams. Do you wanna fuck, or do you wanna piss around for six more hours? If I know my luck you've no idea about the protocols that say - be gone, before I wake up. OK? In a world where there are just too few real complications, you walked into my world and you didn't make the slightest bit of difference. No difference at all. No difference at all.
Beauty stands at the shore with both eyes open. Drinking in the grey, stands with both arms broken. And the wind feels no pain no remorse for breathing, and the ocean rips where the rocks are teething and I feel no pity for you. Beauty lies in the dirt as the sand is shifting floating cold on the waves as the tide is twisting She will sink in the storm. She will fade gently. Love is as love breaks, with both hands empty, and I feel no pity for you.


This album contains the 15 songs voted by her listeners to be their favourites across all 10 of Jordan Reyne's released albums. It also contains two unreleased acoustic tracks: The Face, and Piss Off, I'm Drinking.
This is the digital only version. COMPACT DISC and VINYL ODERS will be available soon via the Powertool Recrods bandcamp page - powertoolrecords.bandcamp.com


released January 23, 2017

Artwork: Jordan Reyne
Lyrics and music: Jordan Reyne (all tracks)
Vocals: Jordan Reyne (all tracks)
Bass and guitars: Jordan Reyne (all tracks)
Drums: Simon Rippon (The Shadow Line, The Ferryman) Nick Clarke (The Proximity of Death and The Brave) and Jordan Reyne (all other tracks)
Programming: Jordan Reyne (all tracks)
Mixing: Simon Holloway (The Keening Song, Machines of B, Karlsruhe, Factory Nation, Johnny and the Sea, A Woman Scorned, The Proximity of Death, the Washing Machines Song, The Brave) Steve Carey (The Annihilation Sequence) and Jordan Reyne (all other tracks).
Mastering: Simon Holloway (tracks as above) Steven Carey (The Annihilation Sequence, The Shadow Line) and Jordan Reyne all other tracks.

The Gentleman: remixed and remastered for this
album by Jordan Reyne


all rights reserved



Jordan Reyne Karlsruhe, Germany

Known recently as the Resident Evil 7 vocalist (trailer track, "Go Tell Aunt Rhody"), Jordan is described by New Zealand's National Radio as the pioneer of a new sound, Jordan's music is a blend of irish/ celtic rock, steam-era machine noise, and Grimms fairytale-eske lyrics. Imagine PJ Harvey trapped in the workhouses of Industrial Revolution era England, with only Nine Inch Nails for company. ... more

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