Birds of Prey (LP)

by Jordan Reyne

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Jordan's debut album including tracks like "Long Way to Climb" which she wrote at aged 15. The album is a mix of grunge rock, avant garde, heavy rock and alternative pop. Unfortunately now out of print, but digital copies are available here for free.


released April 4, 1998

vocals, acoustic guitars and sound experiments - jordan reyne. Bass - Jaz Murphy. Drums - Luke Casey.



all rights reserved


Jordan Reyne UK

Known recently as the Resident Evil 7 vocalist (trailer track, "Go Tell Aunt Rhody"), Jordan is described by New Zealand's National Radio as the pioneer of a new sound, Jordan's music is a blend of irish/ celtic rock, steam-era machine noise, and Grimms fairytale-eske lyrics. Imagine PJ Harvey trapped in the workhouses of Industrial Revolution era England, with only Nine Inch Nails for company. ... more

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Track Name: Sister Falling
My Mary bought a gun with
her fathers violence
she's sick of finding words
from other peoples silence
the pain won't ease in the air now
sick of the sin that sleeps in her bed now.

So whats it going to be girl?
you could spend your life pretending
that things are going to heal now
with at least some sort of ending.
The blood won't wash out in water
thicker than rope you hang from the rafters

Now I'm alone.

Here stands resounding silence
after storms of anger
the tide runs, red and greedy
peace is its passenger.
Sister your black God is calling,
bleed the family tree in mourning
splash the tear that
breaks on falling.

now I'm alone

My sister Mary.
Why couldn't you talk to me.
Track Name: Birds of Prey
A stone sculptured body lies
slumped on a cross now
To feed the collective who he
claims he will save now And
we wait for him to save the world

The carrion birds came and
tore out the poor eyes
the people all saw light and
flocked round it like flies
Waiting for him to change the world

And the pain twists their bodies in
the name of their savior Who
will someday return home and
save all the sinners Who
wait for him to save the world

God save all the children who cry now in hunger
God damn non-believers and burn them in anger
Burn them in anger

God damn all the liar’s and their promises breaking
We can sit and do nothing while the millions are dying
And wait for him to save the world
Track Name: Perfidity
You were always the quiet one
With strange ambition for oblivion
The bite of the cold is always you to me
The smell of the quiet brings your taste to me

You were always the twisted one
Who drank your solace from everyone
For the strength of your hate
I loved your bitterness
For the blood in your soul
I loved your emptiness
We always wonder
why good things die
We cry them our poison and we
drink ourselves dry
cut flowers always die.
Track Name: Breathe
Hope springs like a rare disease to my
lover’s eyes
Doesn't know if he cuts the trees he can't
reach the skies
His hand wont warm to mine just 'cos I believe
I watch the time rot, like my heart, when I breathe.

Will he touch my face again like it's made of gold?
Or run like the yearling does when bullets break the cold

Love twists like a rusty nail in the
flesh of the young
The fear that you will fall and fail lies
frozen in the sun
His hand wont warm to mine just 'cos I believe
I watch the time rot, like my heart, when I breathe.

I just twist in suspended bliss in a whirlpool of time
Perpetuate in your images because hope is blind.
Track Name: Pandoras Box
I watched you
pour your tears into my cup of coffee
I heard you
burn your fears
on your lounge curtains for the world to see
But you say that you can never love me
You say that sort of thing only happens on TV

Did you feel
above the world?
When we sat on the roof above the trees
And watched the people
shrink in size, get on with their lives
In focus it seems
But you say that’s only how it appears to be
You say that’s not right for them but it sure aint right for me
Baby wont you go and spin me one more crock of shit
That I can wear to school this summer
Tears fall from your lizard eyes But crocodile: you waste my time
And I can’t break the spell I’m under
So I'll just go and throw my tears
like pebbles down a wishing well
They're just a bunch of useless fears and
stupid values I could sell
Maybe my hearts like
Pandora's box as well

Honey child ride the sea
With no anchor you'll drift endlessly
I guess that’s just the way you want to be
But you're the only one that really believes you’re free.
Track Name: Millstones
Hey baby, Alice is home
She's so dry she could
catch fire
The colours on the TV are tired
The voice on the radio higher

Bored bored and
boring again
Itching like she could grow wings
The cat smiles disembodied
One wave of its tail stings
You paint me so faceless
Ignorance is contagious
Attractive hand of the dying
You spit your
cold pity
Like folded rainbows at me
So ugly souls of the crying

The world is shrinking again
Don't Mock - You can
eat me
The swim is long and lucid
To float with the tide is easy.
Track Name: Wilt
She stands in her corner of the room
Swept out of the way
Like so many empty used
packets of shit In the garbage bin
Matching the decor - old bones in the closet

Strength from the bottle to leave again
And crying at talk shows you see on the TV
Like fish in aquariums swimming in
other people's pity. Not pain like your drowning in
What are you gonna tell your friends?
Black is your colour; you fell down the stairs again
What does he think of love?
Something you suffer from, weakness you rise above

Live your grey day in the wings for him
Think of all things as they are or
they might have been
Oh your blue eyes are so black for him
Stand in the corner a wallflower wilting