Passenger (LP)

by Jordan Reyne



Digital Download of Passenger An album for the drifters and travellers who don't give up searching for meaning in the chaos of the world. Trains, planes and transport sounds form the backbone of this electronic album that follows a journey through Europe in the hope of finding something larger than ones self.


"a dark, melodic concept album set to a backdrop of urban industrial rhythms. A lyrical tale of seaching for hope through nihilism.
"File your copy next to iconclasts Eno, Bjork and Sinead". New Zealand Musician (New Zealand)

"...ethereally beautiful, alterable like the color of a chameleon" Nocturnal Hall (Germany)

“...she’s shrewd, has a history and keeps on going, with a weird mind and stories that evoke photographic snapshots... impeccably measured vocals that have a delightful timbre of mischief... a beautiful, perverse album, which will reap further rewards the more you allow it to.” - Mick Mercer (UK)

You can also read her interview with the Listener about her album "Passenger".


released January 5, 2005



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Jordan Reyne UK

Known recently as the Resident Evil 7 vocalist (trailer track, "Go Tell Aunt Rhody"), Jordan is described by New Zealand's National Radio as the pioneer of a new sound, Jordan's music is a blend of irish/ celtic rock, steam-era machine noise, and Grimms fairytale-eske lyrics. Imagine PJ Harvey trapped in the workhouses of Industrial Revolution era England, with only Nine Inch Nails for company. ... more

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Track Name: Passenger
I chased the sun for over 30 hours
Passed LA international and tired air hostesses

I had nothing with me

We find our truths in all the lonely places
In the ruins we leave in our attempts at greatness

You will fade to grey cos I want you to
Track Name: Green (Flying Over Ireland)
I have run from an Island nation
Where the sea swallowed up the sun
She was torn into halves from beneath and above
But the wind and the rain were her own

I lost all my songs in her oceans
Told all my friends I was strong
Their smiles are a butterflies wings
And the storms in the amazon

I thought that your history would move me
But the nothing is bigger than war
It feels like the empty illusion
I followed a broken man for

Its more than our histories of murder
That make us know we are alone.
The wind is as endless as Europe
The tears in our hands are our own
Track Name: Letters Home
its rain on the front line
its been weeks without sunshine
And I feel
like Ive lost what Im fighting for
the rains gonna fall no matter which side we re on

My brothers
are sunk in the quagmyre
I taste
the smell of gunfire
I feel like Im flying home
But the place I arrive is never where I came from

And I can hear them fall
I can hear then fall
I can hear them fall
We re all gonna fall in the end
Track Name: Waiting for the Sun
Mother England lies
Where the gulf stream brings
The warm water through.
She wont have the time
But take this piece of mind:
She walked the world with you

She says the same thing to me
Again and again and again
Ive called and Ive called and she says to me
Ive called and Ive called and she says to me:
She s waiting for the sun

In the eastern arm
A face with practiced charm
Is building solemn walls.
In his ruined towns
The vultures do their rounds
And televise his calls.
Track Name: Fear of Flying
It took the wind to fly you
All this way from home
Praying that the saints would hold your
Bridge to the sun

But they re liars
They re liars
Ive always known

I let this story fill me
As if Fate had thrown me so far
I wish you had filled this nothing
But its more than who we are

And we re liars
We re liars
Ive always known
Track Name: Karlsruhe
There were months with engines
In case the silence came.
They took the quiet hand
That waited
at my throat away.
The cold percussion
Of all these man-made things
The rhythmic scream of trains
that automate
the life in things

But I never wanted
To see the timely rain
To know precisely how
the chemistry
in feeling drains
I ask no sinewave cycles
And no repeats
from time
I cant see answers in
the accidents that chaos finds

I should have seen it  amidst the broken things
That lost their meaning when analysis was everything
There is no voice of Venus amidst the steel and grey
And Im impatient for the things that make me move again

I should have seen it  but it s a different sky
all the stars are in the wrong place at the wrong time
There is no voice of Venus amidst the steel and grey
And Im impatient for the things that make me move again
Track Name: The Machines of B
When the machines have gone
You ll wonder where you ve been
You cant outrun yourself
But you re alone again
An ordinary man
An ordinary girl
Somewhere along the way
We learned we cant change the world

But you ll wish that you had

And all the hollow things
Ride on a coloured sea
But only see themselves
In every other thing.
It is a lonely world
An ordinary place
When the machines have gone
You cannot fill their space

But youll wish that you had
Track Name: The Freeing of Baghdad
I was looking for escape when I met you
And of all the things bigger than us
You would think that the death of thousands
Would at least distract me.

I didn t find my happy ending
In your country where
I could drive for 10 hours and
Never reach the sea.

While Bagdad burned, I cried.
In a café in Europe
Over the touch of your hand.