The Annihilation Sequence (LP)

by Jordan Reyne

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Spindleweed thumbnail
Spindleweed I saw Jordan live only once before she quit the scene, and was blown away. This album will always be special to me.
I miss you! Favorite track: Safety in Silence (Paralysed).
Russell Whyman
Russell Whyman thumbnail
Russell Whyman I just got back from the Whitby Goth Weekend where I saw Jordan perform. She was phenomenal. She records sounds in loops and layers them to form the backdrop to her vocals. It was amazing the power one woman with an acoustic guitar could produce just by layering sounds. If you get the chance you have to see her live.

This album features more instrumentation and is more electronic than her solo performances. Dark, powerful and as original as ever. More 'Dark Wave' music for my collection. Favorite track: Bite (The Hand that Feeds).
P M Griffiths
P M Griffiths thumbnail
P M Griffiths I love this album.. Favorite track: The Annihilation Sequence.
Michael Reilly
Michael Reilly thumbnail
Michael Reilly This album slowly crackles with a brooding depth of feeling and intensity – emotion that drives each track into dark exposure. Alternative pop meets gothic industrial, with a real sense of purpose and impressive presence. Favorite track: The Gentleman.
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An album about power games, nacissism and control. Electronic industrial, with celtic vocals and stories that are as disturbing as they are real. 8 + 4 track album (8 album tracks plus 4 songs and remixes from industrial/ goth / EBM artists from around the globe).


"Expressive, many sided and original. The Annihilation Seqeuence is as magical and engaging as it is shocking. Listen to it repeatedly" La Magic Box (France)

"Jordan Reyne has achieved something truly self-contained and original here, it’s an impressive achievement, and this album represents a freedom that thankfully can still be found in modern, forward-thinking music. A must-buy!" Reflections of Darkness (UK)

"Industrial sounds, noises and samples, blending EBM with Dark Wave and layering guitars and voices to a dense and intensive sound cosmos. Once again Jordan displays a wide range of musical and vocal skills and abilities. She is truly one kind of a talented and creative musician, exploring new sounds... exceptionally impressive, thrilling and unique" Nocturnal Hall (Germany)


1) The Annihilation Sequence
2) The Player
3) The Narcissus
4) The Wall
5) The Cab Driver
6) The Gentleman
7) Pieces of Me
8) Bite (the hand that feeds)

bonus remixes:
Bite the Hand – John Watkiss/ Flesh Eating Foundation (UK)
No Safety in Silence – Josh Wood/ The Mercy Cage (New Zealand)
The Cabbie – Maciej Werk/ Werk (Poland)
Bonus track:
Safety in Silence


released June 4, 2013

All music written, produced and performed by Jordan Reyne.
Mixing: Stephen Carey and Jordan Reyne
Mastering: Stephen Carey and Andy Jackson
Artwork: Chris Baker



all rights reserved


Jordan Reyne UK

Known recently as the Resident Evil 7 vocalist (trailer track, "Go Tell Aunt Rhody"), Jordan is described by New Zealand's National Radio as the pioneer of a new sound, Jordan's music is a blend of irish/ celtic rock, steam-era machine noise, and Grimms fairytale-eske lyrics. Imagine PJ Harvey trapped in the workhouses of Industrial Revolution era England, with only Nine Inch Nails for company. ... more

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Track Name: The Annihilation Sequence
This is the line that I'm gonna take
this is the law - there's no give and take anymore
we are the world we make
we are what we allow

Rule one: don't beleive in them cos
rule two: they don't beleive in you
rule three: trust is everything: dont give out easily, don't let it in

just do what you're told
you'll do what you're told

this is the wish I pretend to use
this is the ruse of my faith in you
letting in the sun, I'm letting two of us
be two of one

and you'll do what you're told
you'll do what you're told

Step one: use important words
step two: pretend that what you heard is
three: deep and meaningful and
four: lust, love, are political

you'll do what you're told
you'll do what you're told

cos we know what's good for you
we know every sad little thing about you
the shameful, the untrue
we have you, we have you

and you'll do what you're told
you'll do what you're told
Track Name: The Player
You lit a candle in the hope the heat would fill the void
the hope that light would find some substance in the dark
where all those shaking fading walls should hold your safely balanced words
should reflect a smile whose warmth disguises the abyss
belies a traitors twisted bloodied tongue
and it says:

Curse you. Curse you.

and you will feed us little deaths that serve to mark our fading, fleeting hearts
until we breathe, and nothing more, until we shine like mirrored glass
reflect your artifice and art
and it says:

curse you. Curse you

And what is given falls away with speed akin to fading light
you shine so pale, approaching night
I give a smile, a smile you might just recognise
a mirror, guise, a worn disguise
my open arms, my lovers lies
my open mouth, my empty eyes
they say:

Curse you. Curse you.
Track Name: The Narcissus
In a world with no heroes
I wear shades of pale and
the fragile airs my mother showed me.
I'll show you reflections
while you play with all your dissafections
and reach for your face
painted on me.

Your canvas in waiting
I'm fresh for all these pretty things
you show for yourself when you are hunting.
You smile, try to hold me
I`m cold too the touch but still you want me
and how could I have lived
without your making me.

Hands peel at clothes
your head turns, coy, we pose and dance, I show
unprecious things, parades of glamour, fame and lies and dreams, your mouth says:
fuck me.
fuck me.

Your lips moving slow, the taste
of you alone, of glass and bone
an empty world, an empty hole
just you and me and us and we and
I, I, I, I, I.
fuck me.
fuck me.
Track Name: The Gentleman
It was a long slow walk through shadows in halls
wooden shelves pushing up to a ceiling overworn
Oh you learned what is said and you knew how to leave
your doors breathing open; pull the loneliness out of me and
be a gentleman
be a gentleman, for me.

And the brushing of hands that move over faces
facades over eyes that flash precious airs and graces
the flicker of tongues over stories worn old
as the rising of lust opens out to the cold
be a gentleman
be a gentleman
for me.

Sing for me - tales taller than God
hold me down by the throat; taste the blood on our tongues
I will land on the bones and the hair and the flesh
of the ones from before me: the ones for whose deaths you can
be a gentleman
be a gentleman, for me

I will flinch at your sting, but I want to feel the pain
that will blot out the titles of books where you learned
how your mimicry fools; makes us hunter and game
fills the void of our bottomless needing in vain
oh be a gentleman
be a gentleman
for me.
Track Name: Bite the Hand (remix by Flesh Eating Foundation)
Bite (the hand that feeds)
(c) Jordan Reyne 2013

I met you down the rabbit hole
at the end of resurrection road
that cul de sac of shambling bodies staring through the empty in me.

I asked you what you came here for
you answered 'mirror on the wall,
to save yourself at all dont just pretend to hear me'

'Bite', you said, 'learn to bite the hand that feeds
you think you know where borders lead?
they'll drink as much as you can bleed
if you have the teeth then do the deed
bite the hand, bite the hand that feeds'

you waved your hand and turned to go
and said 'the choice is yourts and yours alone'
that there is no exit you just choose to go or stay, either way by now you pay

i stumbled pas the empty eyes
the bodies piled up grey as sky
you said 'dont follow, dont do what i do, run if you still have the strength to'

'bite' you said ' bite the hand that feeds' etc

Dear God, dear lord: you never answered when i called
dear god, dear lord: youre just a whisper under the roar
dear god, dear lord: a rumour theres no substance for
a nothing when the rush is gone
bite the hand, bite the hand that feeds.

feel the falling, endless falling
the voiceless bottomless, the calling
siren song to promise flight so fleeting in this fading light

with hands over my ears i run
the shadows loom and fall undone
all tongues and mouths and blackened arms, your hold you own out, open palm and say

bite. bite the hand that feeds.