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This is a story about a girl who attempts to defy a series of "scientific" understandings which to all but trained professionals seem like something everybody knows. The watching eyes and open mouths and open ears say: All the worlds a stage - take a bow. So what do we expect? We see: someone walking forward slowly but indefinitely towards something incomprehensible, not understandable, illogical or just harder. maybe just harder
Gotham City 05:05
She is the wind cooled down - all the way cold. Blue is the blood of power. Black are the dusted bones. and I would've fallen for her, she is dispairs cold flower. Pulled at the strings above her - run with lust of power. She is deaths ice charm , lonelinesses slow song. She is the watchers eye to her own requiem: And I would've fallen for her - she is the hangmans moon. White is the face that draws us - black is the edge of ruin.
Echoes I 01:24
This song has no words.
The Factory 05:43
Here in the steel-mill we are forming farming the templates of facade. Barbed and explicit, they are anchors weighing the measure of the stars. Spitting the sparks of ultimatum turning the wheel like a blade calling the ironman and his daughter lie in the maiden that we've made. cos they are and they are and they are Combing hte gutters of compliance reaping the fallout of the raized welding the steel of redemption walk on the ladder when you've paid cos they are and they are and they are
Measurement 04:43
Sunset = CMYK high tide is the pull of the moons gravity. Birdsong = key: harmonic minor outgrowth is the product of air over water Death is a lost competition (and pitiful) My hate and my love is chemical.
Part II 06:02
So what if I'm bored and ordinary? With mysteries' hands you tear the winter I miss the strange skies and broken weather In strong enough arms the carriers are leaving and rain will fall with silence waiting
Echoes II 01:33
Not Because 03:52
Not because you are so weird and not because you are bored, but when you said you were well we heard you and it's not because you are, but you are what you are Not because you are so deluded not because you are so much more but when we found you were well god help you and it's not because you are but you are what you are
The Cure 05:42
Echoes III 01:57
The Sentence 05:17
Here in the coolroom -well you: you wont, lie to the stone cold - and you: you wont, fold with the air -and you: you wont, walk with the dead -and you: you wont, Talk. Lie in the bed, boy - and you: you wont, bleed like a martyr child - and you: you wont, sing with breeze - and you: you wont, call to the hail light - and you: you wont, Talk Cold in the dim shade - you: you wont, stretch to the sunlight - and you: you wont Talk
The Trend 05:53
The golden child smiles discontinued dreams with words that flow too easily to hear. The swimmers dive and try to catch the waves - their laughter flows like honey coated razor blades. And she is just some little girl who likes to pick the flowers and show them how to make the grade She rides the crest of manufactured waves and says that she's become what she herself has made: And someone used to say the tide would turn. And when it does, be where you want to be. The winds of change blow singing with her tears : and pulled her out and drowned her instead of me I am higher, I am higher. Holier than you Holier.


Released under the moniker "Dr Kevorkian & the Suicide Machine", this album was Jordan's 2nd album. It's an album about order vs chaos; about how knowledge is power, and is used to push us all into conforming.


“Husky and thoughtful female vocals ride over a wide-ranging alternative spectrum of sound, from rock and acoustic guitars, to mellow and haunting synths. That said, this sound is distinct, with Jordan’s vocals being able to reach any scale, no matter what the music around her may be doing, making for a varied listening experience. This is what the scene needs – more bands willing to give something new a go, and [Jordan] seems to be amongst those leading the way” - Hard Wired (UK)

“may just be making the most important sound of this year. ...simply stunning. A thoroughly unique work of art from start to finish... Whether by hook or crook, you MUST own this album. RATING - 5 / 5” BBC Channel 4 (UK)

"It is hard to categorise music this original - PJ Harey springs to mind, but the style is 100% Jordan's... Her vocals are astounding".The Mix (UK)


released January 5, 2000

All songs written and performed by Jordan Reyne*
Guitars on "The Cure" and "Measurement" by Barny Dromgool. Bass on "The Cure", "Measurement", "Gotham City" and "Not Because" by Jaz Murphy. Drums on "The Cure" and "Measurement" by Rikki Gooch.


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Jordan Reyne Karlsruhe, Germany

Known recently as the Resident Evil 7 vocalist (trailer track, "Go Tell Aunt Rhody"), Jordan is described by New Zealand's National Radio as the pioneer of a new sound, Jordan's music is a blend of irish/ celtic rock, steam-era machine noise, and Grimms fairytale-eske lyrics. Imagine PJ Harvey trapped in the workhouses of Industrial Revolution era England, with only Nine Inch Nails for company. ... more

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